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Transform Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy

Watch what participants at the recent Leadership Academy say about the experience.

Congregational leadership is difficult work. Whether your church is old or new, whether you are a pastor or lay leader, the work is not easy.

Courageous leadership is even more difficult. It requires you to walk an unbeaten path that can be lonely and sometimes dangerous.  And yet it’s necessary.

If you are on this path – launching a new church, transforming an existing church, serving in interim ministry – then the Leadership Academy is for you. If you are interested in starting a health or social service ministry in your community, please check out our friends at NBA. For more information, see: www.nbacares.org/incubate.

What can I expect from the Leadership Academy?

Leadership Academy 2Come prepared for a high-energy, highly interactive week filled with great ideas, practical ministry tools, peer support and camaraderie, and wise guidance from some of the most inspirational, effective and nationally-recognized practitioners in the field of church leadership.

Come to learn and share. Leave empowered to lead.

What will I be doing at the Leadership Academy?

Leadership Academy 3Expect a fast-paced schedule that includes a series of TED Talk-like addresses from our academy thought leaders, who will share from their perspective “What I Wish I Had Known” as a way to help participants learn from the past experiences of effective leaders. Participants will take that wisdom into smaller cohort groups to dissect and discuss the “why” of their calls, the dreams they have for their ministries and the elements they need to let go of in order to realize their vision.

Other topics that will be discussed and explored during the week include:

  • Multiplying leadership
  • Becoming sustainable
  • Bi-vocational leadership
  • Personal convictions
  • Legal issues for new church
  • Authentic leadership
  • Why we have to do something new as Church
  • And more

Workshops will supply even more practical tools for ministry:

  • Entrepreneurial ministry
  • Branding
  • Social media
  • Targeted demographics

For questions and more information?

800.274.1883 or leadershipacademy@hopepmt.org