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Track Sessions are divided into the three thematic cohort groups:

Start (Pre-launch) Track is designed to empower leaders whose church/projects have yet to launch. During this cohort you will discern your missional purpose, develop your future story and prepare for launch. Led by Rich McCullen , Joey Cotto, Gilberto Collazo and Henzy Green

Sustain (Post-launch) Track is designed to empower leaders whose projects recently launched. During this cohort you will develop strengthening practices to grow and maintain a sustainable ministry. This track is also perfect for core teams, congregation/lay leaders and newly-affiliated churches. Led by Terrell L McTyer and Kate Penney Howard

Soar (Transformation) Track is designed to empower pastoral teams to revitalize and transform congregations to do God’s mission and create a deeper contextual connection. During this cohort you will tackle issues of future vitality and prepare a ministry-planning process. Led by Rick Morse and Michael Whitman


DOCTalks are joint sessions that address missional transformation inclusive of every stage of leadership. Each short talk is followed by Q&A and builds on the six aspects of congregational life – Participation, Leadership, Finance, Community, Holy Places and Holistic Health.

Leadership with Jim Griffith
Tuesday, September 19th | 9:30a
He may be the only person that thinks vision is ‘over-rated.’ “Leaders spend way too much time seeking, finding, and fine-tuning their vision.” This message deals with alt-reality concerning leadership and vision and seeks to provide a platform to placing vision in its proper context.

Health with Angela Whitenhill
Tuesday, September 19th | 9:30a
Wednesday, September 20th | 10a
During times of transition when change is inevitable, it is important clergy have time to pause and reflect on their own transformative process as it relates to the growth and development of their congregation. This interactive workshop will explore key elements of change and transformation, discuss barriers to healthy transformation, and highlight effective mental, and spiritual wellness strategies for resilient, soul nurturing ministry.

Participation and Relationship to Community with Eric Law
Wednesday, September 20th | 1:45p
In what specific ways can you transform your existing external programs into more relational events? What might be the stumbling blocks that stop your church members/leaders from becoming more relational in their ministries? Discover missional ways close the gap between the inner works of the church and the community.


Building a Missional Budget & Stimulating a Culture of Financial Generosity with Bruce Barkhauer
Thursday, September 21st | 10:45a

Build a Financial Structure That Creates Sustainability with Jennifer Gallagher
Thursday, September 21st | 11:05a
This talk will introduce the nuts and bolts of developing a solid financial structure.  How are we caring for the funds that others have entrusted us with to manage for God’s work? If your financial structure is mission-focused, realistic and accountable, the energy of the congregation can be focused on doing the ministry.

Fundraising and Stewardship with Rev Bethany Watkins Lowery
Thursday, September 21st | 11:25a

Holy Places

Imagining and Reimaging Holy Spaces: 10 Building Observations from a New Church Planter with Craig Walls
Thursday, September 21st | 1:15p
The purpose of this session is to explore the many and various opportunities and challenges that go along with creating holy spaces where people can encounter God. Looking through the lens of scripture, we will touch upon both how to imagine and create new spaces for ministry as well as how to reimagine old spaces (how to best use and leverage our existing structures in new ways).

Keep the Lights On: Facilities as Social Services and Ministry Centers with Rick Reisinger
Thursday, September 21st | 1:15p
In today’s world, Holy Places need to be flexible, multi-use and shared in order to be affordable.  We’ll explore how some congregations are engaging in social service outreach and partnering with social service organizations to serve the surrounding community.

Testimony from the Table (House Church) & Modular Ministry with Monique Crain Spells
Thursday, September 21st | 1:15p


LEADLabs are interactive workshops designed to help leaders imagine, ideate and innovate missional and relevant concepts of church development.

Understanding Your Leadership Style (Using the DISC) with Jim Griffith
Tuesday, September 19th | 1:15p
The DiSC profile displays the leadership style one displays when leading a group of people. This LEADLab can help a pastor compare their leadership style with their church setting and determine what issues to address.  Attendees are encouraged to take the DiSC assessment and bring their results to the workshop.  Not knowing your DiSC will seriously dampen your participation.

Developing Sustainability through Holy Currencies with Eric Law
Wednesday, September 20th | 3p
Explore how to create a sustainable ministry by developing six essential currencies – Time/Place, Leadership, Relationship, Truth, Wellness and Money. Achieving sustainability requires the flow of these currencies out into the neighborhood community fostering wellness and in return, there is an in-flow of these currencies back into the ministry making both the neighborhood and the church ministry sustainable.

MarTech for Beginners (Marketing & Technology Application) with Kasi Zieminski
Thursday, September 21th | 9:30a
Learn about the latest advances in marketing and technology and how to apply them to your ministry context. Engage with tools to help guide you through the many choices of content marketing tools and technologies available to find the one that best fits your needs.

Ideation to Implementation with Rich McCullen
Thursday, September 21th | 9:30a
Generate, develop, and communicate new ideas for ministry and social enterprise. Cultivate visual, concrete, or abstract elements of thought. Engage stages of a thought-cycle ranging from innovation to development to actualization. Benefit from peer learning and high value mentoring to help you ideate, evaluate your ideas, select one and mold it into a move-forward action plan.

Missional Discovery Using Multi-Dimensional Demographics with Rick Morse & Michael Whitman
Thursday, September 21th | 9:30a
Friday, September 22nd | 9a
Deepen internal and external contextual understanding using the MissionInsite demographic and analytical tool to help explore solutions to complex strategic missional challenges. Connect socio-economic, behavioral, life-style and psychographic intelligence about your members, visitors and local community at large.

Advanced MarTech (Marketing & Technology Application) with Tom Morse
Friday, September 22nd | 9a
Develop a campaign that demonstrates your projects brand, mission and personal personality. Use at least two social mediums or marketing platforms.

Making Friends with Fear with Laurie Budlong-Morse
Friday, September 22nd | 9a
Learn how recognizing and responding to our fears can lead to more fulfillment in our personal lives, relationships, and ministries. Engage in a conversation around fears and worries that come up in church planting/revitalization and how to identify healthy/helpful ways of responding. Study the way anxiety presents itself in church and family systems as well as the importance of self-care within those systems.