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Transform Mission Pathways

Mission Pathways

What is Mission Pathways?

Is your congregation stuck? Are you asking the right questions about your future ministry? Or do your planning meetings start with “how do we get more people to come to our church?” Are you clear about “why” you exist? Or are you repeating the same calendar year after year? Mission Pathways helps you ask the right questions that will lead to a better ministry.mp

Discover the next transformative answers. Mission Pathways is a self-led ministry planning process that encourages congregations to use the tools they currently have and to think strategically about how they can become a more transformative force in their community.

Is Mission Pathways for your congregation?

Mission Pathways is an individualized service designed for congregations, large or small, that have creative leaders who are looking at new ways to do ministry. This service helps your church identify your current context and resources so that together you can create your future story.

Mission Pathways Process

Stay on the team
As a congregation, you are leading the process. Rather than depending on an outside consultant to provide solutions to your church, this self-guided process allows you to discover your answers together. As a congregation, your journey will begin with a series of self-led videos that will encourage exploring, self-discovery, creativity and team-building exercises to engage you in ways that reorient you to what it is like to be a transformed Church.

What’s involved?
Mission PathwaysMission Pathway’s three phases will help your congregation create a road map to your future success story:

  • Finding your passion and resources (Gathering) – Take a journey and gain insight on mission planning, while discovering the resources you have readily available in your church and in your community.
  • Retreat – Midway through the Mission Pathways process, an experienced Hope Partnership staff member will facilitate a daylong retreat where you will explore and imagine new ways of being Church.
  • Coaching – A trained coach from Hope Partnership will walk alongside your congregation for a year to provide support and to help you keep on track.

Hope Partnership is eager to take this journey with your congregation. Remember, the goal of this process is to help your congregation discover the next right answers so that you can develop your future story and become a great change agent for your church and community.

The cost to begin this journey of transformation is $3,900, plus travel expenses.

Contact Information and Meet the team

Mission Pathways is led by a team of experienced leaders in transformational ministry: Ruth Fletcher, regional minister, Christian Church in Montana; Rick Morse, vice president of Hope Partnership; Lori Adams, Hope Partnership contract assessor and Annell McLawhorn, Hope Partnership contract facilitator. For more information about Mission Pathways, contact Rick Morse, rmorse@hopepmt.org at 800-274-1883 or en español 866-534-1949. Download a Request Form for Mission Pathways.

Note:  If your church is also experiencing issues with an oversized building, a declining membership, decreasing financial resources and/or a changing neighborhood, read here about Hope Partnership’s New Beginnings Assessment Service.  New Beginnings is helpful to congregations who need to make a decision about their facility or location before they begin a visioning/ministry planning process.