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First Christian Church of Paris, Texas: Building Bridges with Kindness

Category: Story

What it means to be free: a conversation with womanist preachers

The Gathering's preachers

Women’s Equality Day was observed in the US on August 26 to commemorate the passing of the 19th amendment, which prohibits states from denying the right to vote to any citizen based on sex.

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A Glimpse of the 20/20 Vision from a Regional Perspective

Gilead Chicago train service

The new church movement of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is alive and well thanks to the dedication of church planters and the 32 Regions and Areas throughout the United States and Canada that support their efforts in various ways.

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Moments for Mission

Rev. Rich McCullen at the 2016 Leadership Academy

New Church Planting Takes Root with Missiongathering To take root, our new church movement relies on the nurturing of people like you . . . and church planters like Rev. Rich McCullen.

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MNCC: Founded on Service, Inclusivity and ‘Standing Together’

Multi Nation Christian Church

Multi Nation Christian Church (MNCC) of Kansas City, Missouri, a Haitian-American congregation, was started back in February, 2017 by three pastors looking to make a difference.

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Beloved of San Diego: Celebrating Grace, Inclusion and Compassion

Dale Suggs

Beloved of San Diego, a progressive ‘and contemplative’ Disciples community in southern California, is unique – in vision, focus and, certainly, origin. It started in 2014 out of the concern of its founding pastor, Dale Suggs, for people who had left two nearby congregations during periods of conflict and never again found a church home.

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