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Story Journey Experience

Journey Experience

“If I am to help my congregation transform, I must first be transformed.”

Watch this short video to see what people are saying about The Journey Experience.

The Journey process helps leaders ask the right questions that can lead to renew congregational vitality.

The Journey’s weekend-long Experience events equip both clergy and lay leaders to see their roles as leaders from a different point of view, so they can help their congregations thoughtfully create and fully embrace a new vision for the future.

Here is what a senior pastor in the North Carolina region had to say after being one of the participants in The Journey’s Experience events:

“In the past, I have been a ‘doer’ pastor – one who likes to make things happen. However, my style has not engendered congregational ownership and has led to stress and feeling of burnout for me over the years. We are now encouraging spiritual practices and using them when we meet… Inviting our leaders in our meeting to begin with a time of worship characterized by a reading and silence followed by reflection on how our reading has touched us or challenged us has been positive too. This practice has become a regular way in which we are affirming our need to wait and listen.  Through these we are practicing how to pause and let go of our agendas and preconceived ideas, opening ourselves to wonder and God in the present… it felt like we were a community really listening to one another and genuinely seeking God’s leadership.”

Transformed and empowered leaders are critical to leading congregations to do God’s mission in the world in this challenging era in congregational life.

Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation offers leadership and ministry resources that help raise up these leaders and prepare their congregations for transformation.