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TransformNew Beginnings New Beginnings Origin

New Beginnings Origin

New Beginnings was developed out of the commitment by Hope Partnership Services to serve Disciples congregations in the context of their culture and stage of life – from the first steps of their ministry to the later stages of their lifecycle.

Over the last decade, more small congregations were applying to our sister organization, Disciples Church Extension Fund, for property repair loans. Congregations of 20 to 40 members were applying for funds to repair their roofs or replace their boilers. Since the expense to replace these items is so high, repairs add an extra burden on already small and struggling congregations. This led us to ask the question,

“What is the BEST way we can help struggling congregations, beyond providing a loan?”

After extensive testing and piloting, the New Beginnings Assessment Service was finally born. To date, it has helped more than 150 congregations ask themselves deep questions about both their church and the local community, leading many congregations in decline to invest in fresh, new and much-needed ministries to their neighbors.