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Give Funds for Support

Funds for Support

You support the ministry of Hope Partnership Services through your designated or undesignated gift.

Hope Vision Gifts

If you choose to make a gift to Hope Vision Gifts, you help Hope Partnership in its mission to encourage, equip and empower leaders for spiritual transformation.  You will help provide interactive training for leaders engaged in transforming congregational ministries; coaching for transforming congregational leaders; congregational assessments and ministry planning that invite congregations to shift from “membership” models of “club-like” church to models of “discipleship” that invite people into God’s mission in everyday life.

Undesignated Gifts

Undesignated gifts are always appreciated, as they allow Hope Partnership to use these gifts for the areas of greatest need.  An undesignated gift will help Hope Partnership work with its partners to recruit, equip and support courageous leaders to implement congregational mission.

Memorial/Honor, Named or Extender’s Fund

You can create a Memorial/Honor Fund, a Named Fund or an Extender’s Fund, which can be designated to support any of the above funds or can be undesignated to support Hope Partnership in all its manifestations.

These funds are set up in the name of the donor(s) or in a name of the donor’s choosing as a way to honor an individual or couple or to memorialize a loved one.  These funds are listed by name in our Annual Report and serve to bear witness to the person or person’s whose name they carry.

A Memorial/Honor Fund may be established with as little as US $500; a Named Fund is created with gifts of US $5,000 or more; and an Extender’s Fund is US $25,000 or more.  You can create any of these funds by pledging to establish a particular level of fund and then making gifts over a period of time to get these funds to their fully funded level.

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