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TransformNew Beginnings What Others Say

What Others Say

“As a former member of Garfield Park, I had been very concerned about the church and its future. Everything I heard or read indicated the church had been in serious decline and was just a shadow of its former life. I went to church there this past week to celebrate the congregation’s 100th anniversary and was pleasantly surprised to see such a great cross-section of the community in worship. The music was uplifting and worshipful; the people in the congregation showed vitality. The pastor of the church credits New Beginnings for turning this church around. I am grateful for this resurrection.”
–Former member, The Circle Church (Disciples of Christ), Santa Cruz, CA

“The New Beginnings House Meetings reminded our congregation about how much fun we have when we are working together for the future of our church. These meetings have reinvigorated our small group life in a great way. We now realize that we have great financial and human resources — we only need a sense of mission to be a vital congregation again. While it is hard work, we know we are up to it.”
–Member, Midway Hills Christian Church, Dallas, TX

“The New Beginnings process helped us begin the conversation about closing our church. We all knew that we were towards the end of our mission and that our resources were almost totally depleted. New Beginnings allowed us to have the conversation without outside pressure. We will be starting a new church in our community soon with the assets from the sale of our building, and we feel good that our witness will continue.”
–Vice Moderator, Guelph Christian Church, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

For the names and contact information of church leaders who have agreed to provide information about their New Beginnings process experience, contact Hope Services at 800 274 1883 or newbeginnings@hopepmt.org.