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Welcome to Hope Partnership Services

Welcome to Hope Partnership Services

This mission of Hope Partnership Services is to empower courageous leaders to guide the Church into life-giving expressions of ministry for this era of God’s mission. As a general ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Hope Partnership is home to transformational leadership programming.

Hope Partnership’s Epiphany service is for the congregation longing to become a transforming presence both inside and outside of its walls. It is designed to help congregations imagine and live into a new vision of their mission. During the one-plus year process, congregational leaders shift the focus from ‘what’ the church is doing to ‘why.’ By finding clarity on why it exists, a congregation will discover innovative ways to do ministry and transform both itself and its community.

Find out how two congregations recently found ways to transform their relationships to their local communities by partnering with Hope.

Sharing God’s Abundance

Bedford Camp & Conference Center

First Christian Church of Bedford (FCCB), has existed as a congregation since 1846. But why? Why was FCCB still part of the Bedford community? And, why did FCCB have so many activities that drained members’ energy without enlivening their spirits? To answer these questions, the congregation turned to Hope Partnership Services.

“Change is hard, even when you know you can’t keep going the way you have been,” says the Rev. Bruce Ervin, FCCB Transitional Pastor. “It’s tough to let go of things we’ve been doing for years,” he says. “But the Epiphany process showed us that letting go can be liberating.” Read more.

Building Bridges with Kindness

Habitat for Humanity house shower

“In developing our vision, we agreed on a main objective for our ministry: kindness,” explains First Christian Church Paris Pastor Barry Loving. “I know that sounds simplistic, but we believe that the expression of kindness can positively impact more lives than are imaginable. We see kindness building bridges in Paris, Texas. Bridges from our past to the future. Bridges from wounds to healing, from separation to connection, and from foe to friend,” he observes. “Kindness is the framework that builds these bridges. It can transform individuals and, in time, a whole community.” Read more.

Hope Partnership announces re-structuring plans

INDIANAPOLIS – (April 3, 2019) Since 2012, Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation has functioned as an independent collaborative ministry with Disciples Church Extension Fund (DCEF), providing leadership development and congregational revisioning services to more than 1,300 churches throughout the U.S. and Canada. Starting June 1, the operations of Hope Partnership will be administered through DCEF, permitting Hope to serve its mission even more effectively.

“This is a ministry-driven decision,” says Gilberto Collazo, President of Hope Partnership. “With this change in structure, we will be able to cut overhead and offer our services at a reduced cost, allowing us to help more of the congregations that need us most.”

Under its established name and identity, Hope Partnership will continue to work with clients by offering its proven programs, including New Beginnings and Epiphany. And, because the need for leadership development and congregational transformation crosses denominational lines, Hope Partnership will also enhance service relationships with ecumenical partners like the United Church of Christ, Presbyterian Church (USA), Presbyterian Church (Canada), Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), and the Episcopal Church.

“This is really an internal consideration,” says Rick Reisinger, DCEF President. “We had the capacity to take on Hope’s administrative functions and the directors and staff of Hope wanted to focus exclusively on their mission and ministry. In fact,” he notes, “Hope Partnership actually grew out of DCEF seven years ago. So it feels natural, moving forward, that the services of Hope Partnership will again be available through us.”

Donations made to Hope Partnership will continue to benefit the Disciples congregations using its services.

Congregational vitality and sustainability are, in part, the result of effective stewardship of capital and leadership resources. These are the missions of DCEF and Hope Partnership.

The ministries, under the umbrella of Church Extension Financial & Missional Resources (CEFMR), partner with Disciples in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and, in some cases, other Christian denominations throughout the U.S. and Canada to find new and innovative ways to transform communities through service-driven mission and ministry. For more information on these ministries, visit hopepmt.org and disciplescef.org.

New Beginnings

“What is God calling our congregation to do and be in this time and this place?” Hope Partnership’s New Beginnings Assessment Service helps congregations assess their strengths and opportunities as they seek to answer this question.

Start Your New Beginning Now