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Annual Report

Annual Report

In support of our ministries, you entrust us with your gifts. Thank you! We want to honor that trust by being the best possible stewards of the resources you provide. That includes saving as many trees as possible, not to mention saving money on printing and postage! With that in mind, both Disciples Church Extension Fund and Hope Partnership Services are pleased to provide you with an annual report and report to congregations that is designed to be read primarily online.

The 2018 Annual Report can be found below.

2018 Annual Report

Here’s what President Gilberto Collazo had to say about last year’s achievements:

“In fact, 2018 has been a year of significant growth… and we now work with congregations in the United Church of Christ, Presbyterian Church (USA), Presbyterian Church (Canada), Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), and the Episcopal Church. We celebrate this opportunity to live into our foundational calling as Disciples to let Christian unity be our polar star, thereby benefitting more Christians than ever before. Can there be any doubt that the Spirit is moving in the life of the Church?

Last year was also an exciting time for New Church Ministry which continues to be integral to the work of Hope Partnership, since the stewardship of leaders and developing congregations is at the center of Disciples’ new church movement. Under the 2020 Vision, we have welcomed nearly 1,000 new and affiliated faith communities into the Disciples family. The 2018 Year Book & Directory reports an additional 14 new congregations ‘in formation’ through the end of last year.”

To read the full Report, click on the image above.

Please feel free to comment on or request a printed copy by sending an email with your name and mailing address to info@hopepmt.org, or calling us at 800 274 1883, (en Español 866 534 1949).

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