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Give Ways to Give

Ways to Give

By Mail

To make a donation by mail simply indicate the gift designation on your check and send it to:

Hope Partnership Services
Post Office Box 7030
Indianapolis, IN  46207


To make a credit card donation online, simply click the button below and you will be connected with our secure, online donation service.

Make a Gift Online



By Phone

To make a credit card donation over the phone, call Hope Partnership toll free between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST at 1-800-274-1883 and ask for the Development office.


If you have an Investment Note with Disciples Church Extension Fund (DCEF), or establish one now or in the future, you can designate all or a percentage of the earned interest on your investment note(s) to your choice of funds for Hope Partnership.

You can also make a gift of all or a portion of the investment upon maturity. Or, you can leave a legacy, while avoiding probate and reducing state and other taxes, by making a “pay on death” arrangement with Hope Partnership for your investment note. Give DCEF’s investment department a call at 1-800-274-1883 and they can assist you in setting up the correct designation on your investment note.

Wills and Bequests

By including Hope Partnership in your will or estate plan, you ensure a continued legacy of Disciples helping Disciples. Please talk to your attorney about including this ministry in your will. People who have let us know that they have designated Hope Partnership in their wills are recognized as members of the Heritage Society.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Assets such as cash or stocks, mutual funds or bonds can be used to establish a charitable gift annuity that will provide you with guaranteed annual income for life while ultimately supporting the work of Hope Partnership. There are tax advantages to this arrangement, and it is a great way to support yourself or a spouse/loved one with annual income while knowing that you have established a gift for this ministry once you and any other designated annuitants have passed. Annual income rate is based on age at which the charitable gift annuity is established and is higher the older the donor is at establishment. Thus, you may want to set up more than one annuity over time, earning more interest income with each of the later annuities.

Gift Agreements

Establishing a gift agreement with Hope Partnership enables you to designate where the interest earnings from the agreement investment fund go, while supporting loans to Disciples congregations. Your fund is invested with DCEF and is designated to support the leadership development work of Hope Partnership. You also may establish an earnings distribution formula, which allows for a percentage of the interest earnings to go back to the arrangement to help grow the fund, and designates a percentage for outreach project(s).

Transfer of Stock

Gifts to Hope Partnership can be made through the transfer of stock to Hope Partnership. You can then designate the fund or funds you wish to support with this gift.

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