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Transformed and empowered leaders are critical to leading congregations to do God’s mission in the world in this challenging era in congregational life.

Hope Partnership Services offers leadership and ministry resources that help raise up these leaders and prepare their congregations for transformation, including:

New BeginningsNew Beginnings logo

The New Beginnings service was designed for churches facing issues of future viability. It was developed out of Hope Partnership’s commitment to serve congregations in the context of their culture and stage of life – from the early stages of their ministry to the later stages of their lifecycle. (To learn more about the history of New Beginnings, visit its origins page.)

The New Beginnings process takes six to eight months, during which a congregation clarify its context with the help of a Hope Partnership Assessor, explore its options, and makes an informed decision about its future direction. An important aspect of this process is a congregation’s region getting involved. A customized service is available for congregations with a pressing schedule or financial situation. (Visit our cost page to see the price of a typical New Beginnings service, and a breakdown in fees.)

Over 1,000 congregations have engaged the New Beginnings process, with 99% finding clarity and embracing a new vision for their future ministry. But don’t take it from us, see what others had to say.

Still not sure if New Beginnings is for you? Then check out its success stories and statistics.

Epiphany logoEpiphany

Our Epiphany service was designed for the congregation longing to become a transforming presence both inside and outside of its church walls.

With help from a Hope Assessor, your congregation’s leaders will shift the focus from “what” you are doing to “why.” By finding clarity on why you exist, your congregation will discover innovative ways to do ministry and transform your community.