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TransformNew Beginnings Success Stories

Success Stories

Each New Beginnings success story is the result of a congregation’s unique journey in search of an answer to the question,

“What is God calling our congregation to do and be in this time and this place?

The answers are as diverse as the journeys that were taken. Check out four of them below:

Starting Over

A congregation averaged just 30 people in worship attendance every other Sunday. After developing a compelling new vision for ministry, the congregation decided to close and commit to a plan of restarting the church. Historical documents were removed from the church, officers agreed to resign, and the church was closed then reopened a month later with a new name. The congregation now worships with more than 300 people in service each Sunday. Click here for this congregation’s success story.

Finding a New Home

A congregation with a building that was four times larger than it needed sold their building and relocated with a new full-time pastor. This right-sized congregation is growing again with a passion for ministry in its community, no longer saddled with costly building expenses. Click here for another congregation’s success story.

Welcoming New Neighbors

A congregation was located in a community whose racial/ethnic demographics had changed radically. The congregation restarted as a church appropriate for the dominant culture and moved from an average worship attendance of just 11 people to more than 5,000 people each Sunday. Click here to read this congregation’s success story.

Getting Back to Basics

A congregation with capable people and sufficient resources was able to reconsider what God called it to do. After intentional reflection and the development of a strong vision for the future, it moved from a church that focused primarily on itself to one focused on serving its local community. Click here to view this congregation’s success story.