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New Church Hacks episodes:

The most recent episode was Upgrade Your Leadership for the New Year. It featured guests Bob Whitesel (Writer, Consultant, Coach and Speaker at Leadership.church) and Jason Tucker (Lead Pastor of Tower Hill Church and host of ReclaimedLeader.com podcast).

39 Hacks to Prevent Ministry BurnoutNCH works to beat burnout across the whole church. Featured guests included Kara Lassen Oliver (Executive Director of The Upper Room Center for Christian Spiritual Formation) and Junius B. Dotson (General Secretary (Chief Executive Officer) of Discipleship Ministries, The United Methodist Church).

Financial Hacks for New and Renewing CongregationsThis episode will help you to navigate your way through all of the numbers. Featured guests included Belinda King (Assistant Vice President of Disciples Church Extension Fund), Kate Penney Howard (Pastor of North Christian Church), and Eric Newman (Regional Vice President of the Newman Group).

26 Vision-Setting Hacks for the New Year. Properly setting a vision for your church brings meaning, momentum, and multiplication. Start your year by discovering a God-driven vision that engages your participants in the worth-while mission of your collective. Featured guests included Delesslyn Kennebrew (Regional Minister for New and Transforming Churches in the Greater Kansas City Region), Rick Morse (Vice President of Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation and Disciples Church Extension Fund) and V. David Kennebrew (Founding Pastor of Freedom Fellowship Church in Atlanta, GA).

Find Your Church’s Purpose with These Hacks. What purpose does your church serve in your local neighborhood? A purpose statement is different from a vision or mission statement. Purpose answers the question, “Why does my church exist?” New Church Hacks brings you must-have hacks to develop a purpose-driven church. Featured guests included Jose Martinez (Multi Nation Christian Church) and Amy Shoemaker (Senior Minister, Broadway Church) with a special appearance by Sotello V Long (President of Disciples Home Missions).

26+ Marketing Hacks to Move Ministry Forward. “The greatest message deserves the greatest marketing, creativity, and storytelling,” Tim Schraeder. The Gospel is the greatest message ever. Marketing your ministry can be the difference between dwindling attendances and a thriving church community. Try-on the tips and tactics shared here to take your marketing and digital integration to the next dimension. This episode featured Lashaundra McCarty (Coach, Trainer, Speaker with 3C: Creative Communications & Consulting), Pastor Sylvia Ramos (St Augustine, FL), and Emily Frische (Chief Marketing Officer for Pension Fund of the Christian Church).

11+ Hacks for Music in a New, Small or House Church. Want to add music to your service but have limited people, resources and (frankly) skills? Must you have a worship team with guitars who lead the congregation in choruses sung off an overhead projector? Learn helpful tricks and tools to take your music ministry to the next level – independent of size or stage. This episode featured Jamie Bramble (Creative Arts Director and Worship Leader at Simplicity Church, Oklahoma City, OK) and Pastor Liam Bernhard (Worship Leader at Crestwood Vineyard, Oklahoma City, OK and Director of Worship School OKC).

Marks of a Healthy New ChurchDiscover six new church hacks to sustain our ministries from start to restart. The Church of the Lord is a healing community in the midst of a weak and sick society. In order to properly function as God’s intended agent of wellness, we must build the capacity to holistically impact individuals, families and communities. Our first episode featured Pastor Jorge “Joey” Cotto and Tony Rodriguez of Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Coral Gables, FL.


Previous webinars:

Help! Our Congregation Needs a New Beginning! Does your church feel stuck in neutral? Are offerings going down while costs keep going up? Is the neighborhood around your church changing? What is God calling your congregation to do and be today? Join us for a webinar about Hope Partnership’s New Beginnings Assessment Service. Learn how it can help your congregation assess options for ministry and make bold descisions for the future. It’s no surprise that many churches are facing tough questions about their survival and sustainability, but many are also finding courage and support to initate a New Beginning.

Turning Your Church’s Future Story into RealitySo your congregation has drafted a compelling future story, but you’re struggling with implementation. Or maybe you’ve made some progress and are looking for the next right step. It’s no surprise that implementing a new vision is tough. The “tyranny of the urgent” distracts us and derails our best-laid plans. So what can we do? This free webinar led by Rick Morse will help you and your congregation’s leaders address the “how”: How do we turn our vision into reality? During this 45 minute session, we will examine a sample future story and dissect it to find its strategic elements. We will explore how to build capacities, set timelines and develop expertise.

A Conversation with Church Planter David ShireySince 2001, Disciples have planted more than 800 new congregations. The leaders behind these new church starts make many sacrifices. Their families bear many burdens in order to make these dreams a reality. Pastor David Shirey knows well the highs and lows of church planting. In 2002, Rev. Shirey started Coolwater Christian Church in Scottsdale, AZ. He and his family endured many challenges and many blessings. Join us to hear David’s beautiful and profound story of planting a church in the Arizona desert.

Clergy Self Care: The Freedom of BoundariesThe demands of ministry are more stressful now than ever. Expectations for ministers are often unattainable and frequently unspoken. If we don’t attend to boundaries, our lives can become divided and threaten to force us from ministry. The webinar is led by Chesla Nickelson. Chesla is Minister for Leader Development at Hope Partnership. She has Master’s Degrees in both Divinity and Marriage & Family Therapy from Christian Theological Seminary. Originally from Virginia, she now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

What Goes into Starting a Church? A Conversation with Church Planter Anita CobbWhat goes into starting a new church? Curious about the joys and challenges of starting a new faith community?

Five Common Mistakes That Churches Make When VisioningHas your church ever done strategic planning that didn’t lead anywhere? Does it feel like your church’s vision statements don’t result in anything new? Watch this free webinar about the common “visioning” pitfalls made by congregations – and learn how to lead your church in a different direction.

So You’re Thinking About Planting a New Church? Church planting is a unique form of ministry — exciting, entrepreneurial, rebellious, frightening, tiring and fulfilling. And since 2001, more than 800 people have stepped out in faith to plant new Disciples congregations. Is God calling you to consider this ministry? Are you wondering what it takes? Looking for a few next steps as you discern this call? Watch this engaging conversation about discerning the call to plant a new church, led by Rev. Dr. Charlie Wallace, Minister for New Church Strategies at Hope Partnership.

Caring for Your Congregation’s VolunteersWhat would our church accomplish without volunteers? Not much!  Our ministries are built on the sacrifice and skill of many dedicated people. And yet, our church volunteers are frequently overlooked and undertrained. Burnout is at an all-time high in churches. So what can you do to increase your volunteer engagement? Join us for this insightful and engaging conversation about how we can better care for our church volunteers. Pastors, board members, lay leaders — this free webinar is for you!

Leadership for a New Era of Mission“Leadership” may be the buzz word du jour, but we cannot overlook its importance in our congregations. With the wrong kind of leadership, situations can move quickly from bad to worse. But with the right kind of leadership, even bad situations can be transformed into something life-giving again. So what styles of leadership do you and others in your church practice? Whether you are a pastor or lay leader, watch this free webinar about practicing transformational church leadership, led by Rick Morse. We’ll explore the unique leadership style needed to bring new life to your church, and ways to encourage transformational leadership in others!