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News Disciples create opportunity for Haitian pastors to receive commission

Disciples create opportunity for Haitian pastors to receive commission

A newly formed ministers’ track in the Northeastern Region will now provide Haitian pastors with an opportunity to achieve their commission standing with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

The Commissioned Ministers Track is a cooperative effort led by the Northeastern Region and the Commission on the Ministry in the Northeastern Region and is supported by Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation and Disciples Home Missions.

“The track is specifically designed for Haitian pastors, who select to do ministry in the United States and will require the pastors to take 18 courses on subjects ranging from Disciples polity to Disciples history,” says Charlie Wallace, Minister for New Church Strategies for Hope Partnership.

Located in Brooklyn, New York at Croisade Evangélique de Pécheur ď Hommes (translated Fisher of Men) where Philius Nicolas is the founding pastor, the school will offer all courses in French or Creole with papers and exams completed in the language of the student’s choice.

“Haitian pastors who sign up for the school must complete the ministry track within a three-year period,” says Wallace.

The school is offered once a month and each course takes two Saturdays to complete.

With more than 2,000 members, Croisade Evangélique de Pécheur ď Hommes is the oldest and largest established Haitian Disciples congregation in the United States. According to Wallace, Pastor Nicolas will play a significant role in recruiting and encouraging Haitian pastors to achieve their commission.

Professors for the school include Peter Heltzel, professor at the New York Theological Seminary, Philius Nicolas, pastor of Croisade Evangélique de Pécheur ď Hommes, Frantz LeBlanc, consultant for Hope Partnership and Charlie Wallace. LeBlanc will also recruit ministers for the school.

According to Wallace, who was on hand in October to teach,

“Thanks to the new church movement, we have a tremendous population of Haitian pastors who are Disciples, especially in the Northeastern Region. Once they are recruited and become pastors in our denomination, it becomes our responsibility to make sure that the pastors have the opportunity to gain the necessary tools needed to be commissioned as Disciples pastors and are equipped to provide ministry throughout the United States.”

For more information about the Commissioned Ministers Track, contact Mary Anne Glover, Regional Minister of the Christian Church in the Northeastern Region, at 440-371-2913 or nedisciples@verizon.net.