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News Forty five individuals across three denominations gather for training

Forty five individuals across three denominations gather for training

Last week in Indianapolis, Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation hosted a first-of-its-kind training event. The event brought together three groups of people who work to help Hope Partnership live out its mission of “empowering courageous leaders.”

A group of 17 Disciples pastors attended “Coaching Academy,” to share skills as coaches for new and renewing congregations. Throughout the week, these individuals practiced the art of asking good questions, listening deeply and helping pastors stay focused. These trained Hope Partnership coaches will work alongside Disciples new church planters and pastors leading transformation as they lead the Church into new expressions of God’s mission.

Ambassador training

A second group of trainees were congregational assessors from the United Church of Christ and the Presbyterian Church (USA). This group of 20 gathered to learn the details of performing New Beginnings assessments for congregations. This group joins a team of seven assessors from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and a team of 20 assessors from the PC (USA). To date, more than 800 congregations from all three denominations have been served through New Beginnings Assessments, which help congregations gain a clear picture of their available resources and make a bold decision for future mission.

Hope assessors training

The third group of trainees were Hope Partnership’s Care Group Hosts. These eight gifted people serve as facilitators for peer groups of pastors throughout the United States and Canada. During the week, they shared best practices and discussed better ways to serve pastors in peer group settings. Hope Partnership provides peer group experiences for pastors when they participate in The Journey, a two-year process of leadership development for Disciples congregations.


2014 CARE group

For more information about services that Hope Partnership can provide for your congregation, visit www.HopePMT.org or call Gilberto Collazo, President at 317-713-2534.

The purpose of Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation is to empower courageous leaders as they guide the Church into life-giving expressions of God’s mission. Hope Partnership serves transforming congregations and their leaders; nurtures leaders through coaching and peer support; and identifies, equips and supports leaders to plant new congregations.