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Track Sessions are divided into the three thematic cohort groups:

Start (Pre-launch Church Planting) Track is designed to empower leaders whose church/projects have yet to launch. During this cohort you will discern your missional purpose, develop your future story and prepare for launch.

  • Discern and name the “Why” of your project
  • Engage in self-assessment of your leadership style
  • Learn to lead from your strengths and call while developing your growing edges
  • Develop an initial ministry plan that will guide the first stages of your project
  • Shape the identity of your future congregation
  • Network with other planters who are dreaming big

Led by Joey Cotto and Henzy Green

Sustain (Post-launch Church Planting) Track is designed to empower leaders whose projects recently launched. During this cohort you will develop strengthening practices to grow and maintain a sustainable ministry. This track is also perfect for core teams, congregation/lay leaders and newly-affiliated churches.

  • Learn how to apply the “M&Ms of Missional and Sustainable Ministry Planning”
  • Take a look at the passion behind your goals and the beautiful bones of your big vision
  • Pour the powerful perspective you need into impactful programs and projects
  • Dive into your money mindset and survey the savvy systems you need to prosper
  • Discover how to create compelling and contagious content, craft your story, and become a more confident ambassador for Christ’s cause.

Led by Terrell L McTyer and Sandy Harvey

Soar (Transformation/Revitalization) Track is designed for pastors and lay leaders of established congregations to become inspirational leaders that move their churches into new ways of being. Bring a team, or come by yourself. Past participants have helped their congregations relocate, or develop new exciting ministries.

  • Discover the difference in being a Transformational Leader as opposed to other types of leadership
  • Explore in-depth what congregational transformation looks like through twelve arenas of church life
  • Hear stories of churches that are transforming, and the difference they make in the lives of people and communities
  • Learn the art of moving groups of people through change

Led by Rick Morse, Gilberto Collazo and Jean Vandergrift


DOCTalks are joint sessions that address missional transformation inclusive of every stage of leadership. Each short talk is followed by Q&A and builds on the six aspects of congregational life – Participation, Leadership, Finance, Community, Holy Places and Holistic Health.

Leadership with Mac Lake
Tuesday, September 18th | 9:30a
What is your leadership development strategy? Learn to develop actionable plans for articulating, planning, and integrating vision into church cultures through the Pipeline Development Process. Imagine what could happen in your church if you equip and empower lay people to lead at higher levels.

Participation and Relationship to Community with Eric Law
Wednesday, September 19th | 9:00a
In what specific ways can you transform your existing external programs into more relational events? What might be the stumbling blocks that stop your church members/leaders from becoming more relational in their ministries? Discover missional ways close the gap between the inner works of the church and the community.

Health with Angela Whitenhill
Thursday, September 20th | 9:00a and 1:30p
During times of transition when change is inevitable, it is important clergy have time to pause and reflect on their own transformative process as it relates to the growth and development of their congregation. This interactive workshop will explore key elements of change and transformation, discuss barriers to healthy transformation, and highlight effective mental, and spiritual wellness strategies for resilient, soul nurturing ministry.

Leadership with Pat Donahoo
Thursday, September 20th | 5:00p
Bridle, Baton, and Building Blocks – Leadership is a combination of handing over the reins, passing the baton, and building a team of shared responsibility. All of these require connections in one way or another. We will share what has worked and the importance of the timing in using one style over another.


LEADLabs are interactive workshops designed to help leaders imagine, ideate and innovate missional and relevant concepts of church development.


Healthy Personal Finance Practices for Ministers with Danny Gulden
As ministers, our financial life is complicated: our salaries are modest (at best), we’re trying to support our families while funding our ministries, many of us have student loans, and we want to save a little for the future. We’ll help you cut through the confusion and identify some practical next steps for managing your money – and putting some back in your pocket.

Introduction to Church Finances with Belinda King

Inspiring Generosity with Bethany Watkins Lowery
From our sacred biblical texts to modern-day e-newsletters, sharing stories has long been an effective way to bring people into our ministries. This workshop will focus on the ways that storytelling can help encourage engagement in your church and inspire generosity. We will share best practices for story-telling as a meaningful approach to stewardship and fundraising. This workshop is designed with dialogue in mind, so please come with questions and stories of your own.

Temporary Worship Sites with Rick Morse
New Churches can’t always buy a building right away. Where do you facilitate services when getting started or making transition? Explore creative and unexpected options for gathering.

Start with “Why?” with Gilberto Collazo
Your ministry’s values represent its unique, individual essence. It’s never too late to engage a new path in an effort to return to your first love and rediscover the vitality of your original calling. Join a journey of deep discernment and redirection towards divine destination.

Exploring your Inner Entrepreneur with Henzy Green
Your past passions and work experiences equipped with treasure chest of practical tools. You may already possess the useful talents and entrepreneurial skill needed to monetize ministry and develop a sustainable accompanying social enterprise.


Missional Discovery Using Multi-Dimensional Demographics with Rick Morse
Deepen internal and external contextual understanding using the MissionInsite demographic and analytical tool to help explore solutions to complex strategic missional challenges. Connect socio-economic, behavioral, life-style and psychographic intelligence about your members, visitors and local community at large.

Making Missional Moves through Marketing and Technology with Emily Martin
Develop a marketing strategy that supports your ministry’s mission and incorporate technology every step of the way. Learn about the tools available to help you set your organization apart and reach new audiences in your community. Discover the resources available from the Disciples, and find ways to use marketing and technology to raise more money.

Developing Sustainability through Holy Currencies with Eric Law
Explore how to create a sustainable ministry by developing six essential currencies – Time/Place, Leadership, Relationship, Truth, Wellness and Money. Achieving sustainability requires the flow of these currencies out into the neighborhood community fostering wellness and in return, there is an in-flow of these currencies back into the ministry making both the neighborhood and the church ministry sustainable.

Pioneering the Path to Church Planting with Terrell L McTyer
Visioneer a step-by-step action plan for church planting launch preparation and strengthening. Learn how to build a launch team, engage the community and raise awareness about your New Church.


Understanding Your Leadership Style Using the DiSC Personality Assessment with Sandy Harvey
The DiSC profile displays the leadership style one displays when leading a group of people. This LEADLab can help a leader compare their style with their church setting and determine what issues to address. Attendees are encouraged to take the DiSC assessment and bring their results to the workshop. Not knowing your DiSC will seriously dampen your participation.

Marks of a Healthy Church with Joey Cotto
The church of the Lord is a healing community in the midst of a weak and sick society. In order to properly function as God’s intended agent of wellness, we must build the capacity to holistically impact individuals, families and communities. Discover the tools to sustain our ministries from start to restart.