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Tier Three

Fee: $500 (Fees subject to change)

For congregations who prefer a fully self-led process with some coaching by Hope Partnership. Note: This tier includes a web-based visit from Hope Partnership staff.

  • Mission Insite context analysis report – Hope Partnership provides a current and detailed snapshot of your community, including charts and maps showing your unique community features. View a sample report here.
  • 60-minute web consultation — Through a web-based consultation, Hope Partnership helps your leaders unpack the key themes in the demographic data and name opportunities for future ministry.
  • Ministry planning guide – Hope Partnership will provide church leaders with a written outline for ministry planning to help them lead the process for the congregation.
  • 45 days of coaching to assist with process – Hope Partnership staff will be available by phone and web to coach your pastor and/or other key leaders as they lead the church in ministry planning.  Information about additional coaching is available here.

OPTIONALOn-site Congregational Assessment visit and report – This one-day visit by a trained assessor will help your church identify available resources for mission (including financial, facility and human resources).  The report serves as a helpful benchmark as your congregation begins the planning process.  This can be added to Tier Three for $1,500.