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New Church Hacks

New Church Hacks

What exactly are ‘Hacks’ and what do they have to do with new churches?

“If you have to ask, you either haven’t been paying attention or you’re just not street enough,” laughs Pastor Terrell L. McTyer.

McTyer is a well-known and respected planter of new churches, having started three in the Greater Metropolitan Kansas City Area including the most recent Manifestation Christian Church. More than two years ago, he joined New Church Ministry as Minister of New Church Strategies. Since then, he’s brought a real-world sensibility to the most effective ways of getting things done when called to start a new church.

“That’s what a ‘hack’ is,” he explains. “An unexpected, and unexpectedly effective, tip or trick for getting something done that you can only learn from someone who’s done it or by doing it yourself. Hint,” Terrell winks, “It’s a lot easier and faster to listen to the people who’ve been there.”

This is why he started “New Church Hacks” – a webinar series packed with clever solutions to tricky problems and practical prompts for new and/or renewing churches.

“That’s the purpose of what we’re doing here,” he says, “to empower courageous leaders with the tools, tips, and how-tos they need to start, sustain and strengthen their congregations.”

Our upcoming webinar episode, “39 Hacks to Prevent Ministry Burnout,” is on May 22 at 3:00 PM EST. The featured guests are Kara Lassen Oliver (Executive Director of The Upper Room Center for Christian Spiritual Formation) and Junius B. Dotson (General Secretary (Chief Executive Officer) of Discipleship Ministries, The United Methodist Church). This episode will teach participants how to beat burnout with lessons on:

  • Learning to lead from within and find ongoing renewal for a compassion-filled life
  • Discovering ways you can combat burnout for your church staff
  • Discussing how church members can help their pastor and leaders avoid it
  • Recognizing your own triggers to avert looming burnout around the corner



The most recent episode was on Financial Hacks for New and Renewing CongregationsIt featured Belinda King (Assistant Vice President of Disciples Church Extension Fund), Kate Penney Howard (Pastor of North Christian Church), and Eric Newman (Regional Vice President of the Newman Group).

The first episode featured Pastor Jorge “Joey” Cotto and Tony Rodriguez of Central Christian (Disciples of Christ) in Coral Gables, Fla. leading a discussion on the Marks of a Healthy New Church. Other subjects include 26+ Marketing Hacks to Move Ministry Forward and 11+ Hacks for Music in a New, Small or House Church.

“This is the guerilla approach to forming a new church with insights from some of the best people called to mission,” says Pastor McTyer. “Just the thing for someone who knows they can hack it.”

Every New Church Hacks episode is archived and available for viewing; the links are below and on our Resources page.

Our February episode focused on 26 Vision-Setting Hacks for the New Year. Featured guests included Delesslyn Kennebrew (Regional Minister for New and Transforming Churches in the Greater Kansas City Region), Rick Morse (Vice President of Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation and Disciples Church Extension Fund) and V. David Kennebrew (Founding Pastor of Freedom Fellowship Church in Atlanta, GA).

Watch 26 Vision-Setting Hacks for the New Year.

Our December episode was Find Your Church’s Purpose with These Hacks. Featured guests included Jose Martinez (Multi Nation Christian Church) and Amy Shoemaker (Senior Minister, Broadway Church) with a special appearance by Sotello V Long (President of Disciples Home Missions).

Watch Find Your Church’s Purpose with These Hacks.

In our August episode, Lashaundra McCarty (Coach, Trainer, Speaker with 3C: Creative Communications & Consulting), Pastor Sylvia Ramos (St Augustine, FL), and Emily Frische (Chief Marketing Officer for Pension Fund of the Christian Church) shared their 26+ Marketing Hacks to Move Ministry Forward.

Watch 26+ Marketing Hacks to Move Ministry Forward.

Our June episode featured Jamie Bramble (Creative Arts Director and Worship Leader at Simplicity Church, Oklahoma City, OK) and Pastor Liam Bernhard (Worship Leader at Crestwood Vineyard, Oklahoma City, OK and Director of Worship School OKC) discussing 11+ Hacks for Music in a New, Small or House Church.

Watch 11+ Hacks for Music in a New, Small or House Church.

The first episode premiered with Pastor Jorge “Joey” Cotto and Tony Rodriguez of Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Coral Gables FL, leading a discussion on the Marks of a Healthy New Church.

Watch Marks of a Healthy New Church.