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NurtureCoaching The Coaching Process

The Coaching Process

At Hope Partnership’s Leadership Academy, coaches are tentatively assigned the pastors they will coach. Coaches then work with their pastors through the weeklong event to determine if the assignment is a good “fit.”

As soon as possible after the Academy, a coach will make an on-site visit, spending up to two days with the pastor in his or her area.

A pastor is responsible for contacting his or her coach at least once a month, and the coach is responsible for listening effectively, asking good questions and making helpful responses.

Hope Partnership support

  • Hope Partnership provides initial training through the Coaching Academy.
  • Hope Partnership’s minister of Coaching serves as a “coach for the coaches,” available to them for sharing joys and challenges.
  • Hope Partnership covers expenses of one on-site visit each year for each project
  • Hope Partnership reimburses coaches for costs incurred from phone calls, sending faxes and/or mailing materials to pastors they are coaching.

For more information about the coaching process, contact Hope Partnership at info@hopepmt.org.